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Going on a weekend getaway with your pupper?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to a Pupper Friendly Getaway

Our puppers are part of the family and when we want to go away for the weekend, we like to include them in the plans. Here are some tips if you are thinking of taking them with you.

Every great getaway should start with research. There are different platforms with pupper friendly places depending on your family preferences. Take note that depending on your destination (beach, mountain or city) you'll need to pack different things for your pupper. I love taking my puppers on vacations anytime we can, so they've been from casual beach accommodations to city hotels and we've enjoyed them all following these tips.


#1: Make sure the destination accepts pets

Before booking, make sure they accept pets and what the requirements are, since each accommodation have weight and quantity restrictions and also required a fee or pet deposit. Even if they accept pets, you must take into account if they have facilities suitable for your pet such as fenced areas, green areas in the surroundings, are the patios shared, among others.

#2: Pack all necessary items

I always pack the puppers' things separately to make it easier to find them. Must-haves are food, plates, leash and poop bags. I like to add pet sunscreen, pad balm cream, wet wipes to clean them, toys, bandanas, sun rash guards and their favorite treats. Whenever I can I take the kennel with me because if I have to leave them at some point, I can leave them safe and avoid accidents on the property. Feel free to ask if the accommodation include pet stuff as most hotels provide pet beds and plates.

#3: Prepare you pupper for the road

Before a car trip it is always important to walk or exercise your pupper and take them to do their needs so he can enjoy a relaxed ride. Some may suffer from motion sickness and CBD is a good option to alleviate this symptom. Remember that by law all puppers must be secured with a seat belt or inside a crate while in the car.

#4: You have arrived at your destination

Walk your puppy around the property, both inside and outside, to familiarize him with the surroundings. Prepare a corner for their food and another area with their bed and suff.

#5: Routine is the key

To help your pupper you must always have a routine even when you are away from home. Walking every morning will help them be calmer during the day. Several potty breaks will prevent accidents inside the property and keep them from getting bored. Practice calm times either in place command or in their kennel as it will also help with their behavior.

#6: Follow the rules

Every place has different rules, and we should make sure we know and follow them. After all we are responsible for our puppers and good experiences make way for them to be accepted in more and more places. It is important to have your pupper identified and leashed at all times.

#7: Cleanliness

Cleanliness is key to get your pet deposit back and avoid additional charges. Both inside the property and the surroundings, it is important to keep the areas clean and pick up waste and food from our puppers.

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