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"PETCAKES: Celebrate Your Pupper Every Day with Healthy Homemade Treats!"

*This blog is sponsored by PETCAKES. We have been using this product for the past three months with our pups and our statement and reccomendations are sincere. We would not reccomend a product to our readers that we don't use or love.

Hello Motherpuppers! If you're anything like me, celebrating your pupper's special moments isn't just reserved for birthdays or gotcha days -- it's a year-round-thing! That's why I am thrilled to share a fantastic find that's been a game-changer in my dog mom journey: PETCAKES. This versatile and wholesome product, available at your local Walmart here in Puerto Rico, is a must-have for all dog moms looking to spoil their pups with love and deliciousness. It's the perfect gift this Holiday season! Why do we love this product you may ask yourself?

Each PETCAKES "Complete Baking Kit for Dogs" comes with: 1 Bone Shaped Pan to use in the microwave, 4 Cake Mixes (Cheese & Carob Flavors) & 2 Frosting Mixes (Yogurt Flavor).

Year-Round Celebrations:

PETCAKES isn't just for special occasions; it's the perfect way to celebrate your pup every day. Whether it;s a random Tuesday or a lazy Sunday, you can whip up a delightful treat for your pup in minutes. After all, our dogs bring so much joy to our lives, why not show them some love whenever we can?

Versatility Beyond Cakes:

One of the things that make PETCAKES stand out is it's incredible versatility. While it's perfect for making cakes, you can also get creative and bake cupcakes, cookies and more. The possibilities are endless and your pup will appreciate the variety of treats that come their way! Another thing, is the value for your money! "With just one box I have been been able to do three recipes for my pups and still have some left for one more recipe!"

For example: We made some Halloween cupcakes and added some dehydrated sardines on top as garnish... and for Thanksgiving we made some delicious small pumpkin pies for our pups!

Healthy and Homemade:

As dog moms, we want the best for our pets at all times... and PETCAKES delivers just that! This product is made with human-grade ingredients, free from wheatm corn, soy, salt, sugar and preservatives. You can feel good about pampering your pup with a homemade snack that's not only delicious but also healthy for them.

Women-Owned Business:

As women entrepeneurs we believe in supporting other women's businesses! PETCAKES is proudly owned by Melinda Stenger, dog mom to Bella. She has a cookbook she wrote called "Paws & Brunch" where she demonstrates her passion about the health and well-being of our beloved pets. She also loves to partner with pet non-profits to promote animal welfare.

Easy Baking Fun:

One of the best things about PETCAKES is how easy and fun it is to use. Im not much of a baker, although I have gotten better at it (some friends might say)... this kit is great whether you're a baking pro, a newbie in the kitchen or want your kids to join in... these kits are designed for everyone! You can whip up a tasty treat for your pup in just minutes, either in the microwave or the oven.

Customizable Flavors:

Another thing we love about PETCAKES is the fact that you can customize the product to add extra nutritional value. Why settle for one flavor when you can adapt it to your dog's liking or needs? PETCAKES allows you to get creative with different add ons you can put in the mix like canned pumpkin, apple sauce, peanut butter or even chicken. Tailor the treats to your dog's preference, ensuring they get a personalizes taste experience every time.

In our dog mom era... PETCAKES has become our go-to solution for celebrating our pup's unconditional love regularly! Wait until you see the Christmas cooking we are baking as we speak... (stay tuned to our social media to see). It's more than just a product; it's a way to share joy, create memories and treat your pupper to something special. We invite you to head to your local Walmart, grab a box of PETCAKES kit and join us in making every day a celebration with your pup!

Be sure to follow us at @dogmomsofpr & @ilovepetcakes and tag us with your PETCAKES creation!

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