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How I became a Motherpupper...

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I have always been an animal lover; and although I had several dogs growing up, I hadn't had one since I moved out of my parents' house because they "kidnapped" Dolce Cloé (yorkie) and Pinky (chihuahua), my dogs. Then I got married and instead of a dog I adopted a stepdaughter (SD) that I love very much and luckily, she is an animal lover as well (or is it because I raised her? haha).

Fast forward to the pandemic my SD was lonely (she is an only child) and she, like me, had always wanted a puppy at home. Although she already had one at her grandma's and two others at her mom's house; but that's how we animal lovers are, we can never have too many. Even though my husband was not very convinced, several iguanas and snakes had appeared in the backyard, so he thought that a dog would help to scare them away. Thank you, reptiles! hahaha

I was still mourning Dolce Cloé who had passed away in 2019 at the age of 13 and I swore I would not have any more dogs so as not to suffer the same. But "just for fun", I started to follow several rescue websites and every day I fell in love with one or more dogs. I was used to small dogs, but my husband wanted a medium to large dog. Then I saw him, a story from The Foster Club... with a puppy named Paul, a little brown puppy with sad Sam like expressive green eyes and a sticker that said, "Adopt Me". That night laying on the couch watching TV with my husband I showed him and said, "This is my dog! It was love at first sight! We did all the necessary paperwork, I filled out the application, answered a thousand questions, sent pictures of my house, did and interview in the phone and even signed a contract. One night of quarantine (my husband had covid) they called me to ask if I could pick the dog up the next morning!!!!

I didn't even sleep, I remember that night I read a thousand articles about "puppies", opened a PetSmart account and ordered all the basics for pick up in the morning and the next day I went to get my puppy at his foster home.

I arrived at Condado where he was being cared for and as soon as I held him, I knew I was a "Motherpupper". A 2-months old baby boy who had been born on August 27, 2020, while his doggie mom was in foster care. He was just as he had been described to me, cuddly, cute, affectionate, and a sweetheart. Needless to say, he is no good for catching iguanas or snakes because he is super coward and an "indoor puppy".

I arrived home excited. My SD was in virtual classes, so my husband asked her to go out to get something as I went upstairs with Paul (we still didn't have a name for him). After a 15-minute brainstorm, my SD decided to name him Milo and I chose the second name André which has a meaning but that's a story for another blog.

After a year and a half, we fell in love with a second puppy, thinking that Milo André needed a sibling and so we adopted Mila Zoé. If you want to know her story stay tuned for my next blog.

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