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How I became a Motherpupper...

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Even though I’ve been lucky enough to have grown in a family that loves dogs and I’ve had dogs since I was just a toddler… the dog, that I can truly say turned ME into a Motherpupper is Rocco. I adopted Rocco in 2014 in Rincón and ever since my life has definitely changed for the good! Rocco was found in the streets when he was just around 3 months old. I remember that I was working at a Marketing Agency, I had just moved out my parents’ house a year ago to an apartment and I fell the place needed something else… I was convinced that what the place was missing was a dog of my own to receive me when I get back from work every day, I remember like it was yesterday…it was a Wednesday, just before a big meeting I saw a picture of this sad looking puppy on my Facebook Feed by Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincón (the rescue group where I adopted him). I immediately wrote to them inquiring about the puppy and expressing my interest. That same week on Saturday I drove 3 hours to Rincón to meet him and bring him home with me. It was love at first sight! We’ve been through so much in the past years… I feel like I didn’t rescue him, he rescued me! I went from working at an agency to working on my own once Hurricane Maria stroke the Island and left us without power for months! I’ve always said that Rocco is my “unofficial” emotional support animal, because he truly is!

We love going to pet friendly restaurants, events and that’s how I started to connect with other dog moms and a huge network of animal lovers in the Island. Because of this I feel lucky to have been able & to keep working with pet businesses by helping them thrive on social media. Rocco is the sweetest, most loving and smart pup I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life with, and I’ve had dogs before growing up… but Rocco… he is my soul dog! My favorite thing about him is the company and all the memories we have together that I will cherish! I did a DNA test on him on his 7th gotcha day just to kill the curiosity I’ve had for years on his breed, and he turned out to be nothing of what I expected, while at the same time so much more! Now I truly understand and get so much of why he is the way he is. Turns out he is a wonderful mix of 12 breeds being the top 5: chihuahua, miniature poodle, spinone italiano, Russell terrier and drumroll... Chow Chow! I was definitely not expecting that! Dog trainer friends say, that’s where he gets the alpha personality he has! haha

Last year, I decided that it was time to bring another dog into our life... just because I wanted to have another pup interact with Rocco and learn from him. During my search to adopt... and after various failed attempts... in May during right before my Birthday I once again randomly stumble upon a picture on my Facebook feed from another rescue group I follow (Obra Rescue). They were initially looking for someone to foster the pup, but I asked if I could foster to adopt. After, they did a little research on me and asked referrals they saw how everyone spoke wonders of me and how much I loved Rocco that they agree to give me the pup to foster for 2 weeks with the option to adopt if everything went well with him and Rocco.... to say that it was instant love and bonding between both of them is an understatement... that’s how Polo entered our lives! Will talk about him in another entry of the blog…

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