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Celebrate the life of your pupper, why not?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Joann Hernández and Mini are the are the owners of Celebrate Dogs PR, a company dedicated to everything related to pawty coordination. From cake and decorations to interactive activities and photo staging for shootings.

Let's be honest, who hasn't commemorated their pupper's birthday by giving them a toy or taking them for a special walk on that day? Most of us do it because they are no longer just pets but have become members of our family. Besides, no matter what your day has been like or what mood you are in when you get home, your pupper will always be there to greet you with a wagging tail and lots of excitement. He will be by your side through thick and thin, he will be your tireless, faithful and loving companion. He will give you emotional support and his simple presence will help you relieve stress and anxiety.

Dogs hold a very special place in our hearts and many of us treat them as if they were our children. So, if we love them so much and their life is considerably shorter than ours, why not make the most of every moment to create meaningful memories and live unique experiences with them?

Birthday parties and celebrations for puppers have become a trend in recent years.

It is a way to say thank you for their unconditional love and contagious happiness. Just like people, every dog is unique and has its own temperament and preferences. That is why the pawty should be adapted to the individual characteristics of each pupper. Along these lines, the celebration can be something intimate and elegant in your home with a cake, gifts and decorations worthy of showing off in your or your pupper's social media network. With this option, your pet will feel more comfortable and relaxed. If your dog is more of a pawty pupper, we take out all the creativity to a larger indoor or outdoor place where he can have his Luau Paw-ty or Bark-tastic Circus, with games, photo area, piñata, gifts for guests, drinks, snacks and everything we can think of with the purpose that humans and canines enjoy together.

When it comes to celebrating, we don't just mean birthdays.

There are other special occasions you can choose to celebrate your pupper's life, such as his gotcha day. It's the anniversary of the day he came into your life and became an integral part of your home. Even if you are a dog breeder or even if you are not, a dog wedding would be a good 'excuse' for the dogs to socialize and enjoy an adventure together. Later on, a puppy shower to anticipate the arrival of the new puppies could also be on nice. And let's not forget the special photo session to capture that stage of the dog's life in a very original way.

Every milestone in your dog's life deserves to be celebrated, from graduation from obedience training to recovery from illness. Imagine throwing a small party in their honor after overcoming a challenge or being found after getting lost.

Even friendship can be a reason to celebrate. A pet-together, where your friends with puppers get together to enjoy human and canine companionship, can be a fun and exciting event. Remember that good times are enjoyed in company and what better company for this type of celebration than your family and friends dog lovers.

If you still have doubts or lack of reasons, don't think about it anymore.

Your life without your pupper would not be the same. It surely wouldn't be as colorful and fun.

Choose a date, decide the place and time, carefully make the guest list, order a cake or prepare it yourself, get creative with the theme and decoration, get your camera ready and enjoy the moment. Add more elements if that is your and your pet's style or you can get help with this part. Remember the important thing is to create meaningful memories and live unique experiences with them.

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