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"Cameron: Un proceso de duelo narrado en cuatro fases"

Updated: May 22, 2023

Cámeron, a grieving process narrated in four phases. Her death became an act of reciprocal love. We freed her from her physical and emotional pain and she freed us. Karen Vázquez Chéverez is a psychologist, educator and sex therapist.

Death is part of life and despite how natural it is, I continually observe resistance to it. As a psychologist, partner, friend and family I have accompanied many people in their respective mourning processes.

The process I'm referring to is something like a path we have to walk when we experience significant loss. There are all kinds of losses that impact everyone uniquely. Losses due to the separation of a couple, death of a loved one, work, a valuable object and every day the loss of a pet takes on more meaning. For many people, their pet has become part of their family, giving it purpose, organization, and meaning.

They come to occupy a very valuable space in our lives. It is like a conspiracy that occurs when we are part of mother nature, where we develop a bond of reciprocal love. So, when our pet is no longer there, his absence is felt. Many times, as health professionals, we are strongly involved in our professional role, providing support to other people in their respective mourning processes.

In recent times, I unexpectedly had to deal with the sudden and aggressive disease that affected Cameron, one of my canine daughters. This situation activated the grieving process in me. Because of the impact it had on my partner and me, I decided to let go of my role as a psychologist and go through my own grieving process with great compassion and in recognition of my own vulnerabilities. From there the book was born: "Cameron: Un proceso de duelo narrado e cuatro fases". Through its pages I narrate my path. I wrote with my heart to provide tools to people who, like me, are handling anticipated duels, recent duels, and even inconclusive duels. I honor Cameron's life and his impact on our lives.

How can I purchase the book?

You can order it online at this link: Order Here or at our next Motherpupper Talks! Reserve your space at this link: Book Here

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