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How to get your pupper ready for Hurricane Season!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

As an overprotective motherpupper, we believe no pet should be left behind ever… That’s why it’s important to include them in all preparations and planning during Hurricane Season in case something happens. We have been hit before by massive hurricanes that have destroyed our Island, and it’s so sad to wake up the next day with news of lost pets, abandoned pets among other things. That is why it is very important to be proactive planning to ensure our family’s safety including our puppers.

Prepare ahead:

A. It’s important to have identification and documentation up to date:

- Microchipping and updated ID tags for easy identification.

- Keep current photos of your dog for reference on your phone and printed.

B. Have an emergency kit ready!

- Pack a separate kit with essential supplies like food (minimum 7 days), water, medications, and comfort items.

- Include a first aid kit and any medical records that show vaccines up to date.

C. Create a safe space in your home where your dog can find refuge.

- Have a kennel/crate ready in case you need to move to a shelter.

D. Be sure to condition your pupper to certain situations:

- Familiarize your dog with carriers or crates for easier transport.

- Teach basic commands that can be useful during emergencies.

- Gradually introducing storm-related sounds in a controlled manner to desensitize your dog.

- Reward positive behavior during these practice sessions.

E. Walk him before the storm hits. A tired pup is more likely to weather out the storm in peace.

What should do during the storm?

A. Create a calm environment for your pupper:

- Choose a safe and comfortable location for your dog inside the house.

- Provide familiar bedding, toys, and items with your scent.

- Play white noise or calming music to drown out the storm sounds.

- Use specially designed calming products like wraps or vests.

B. Recognize and acknowledge your dog's behavior:

- Understand common signs of anxiety in dogs (panting, pacing, whining, hiding, etc.).

- Dogs can sense your emotions, so maintaining your own composure is crucial.

- Engage in calming activities like deep breathing to create a peaceful atmosphere.

- Interactive toys or treat-dispensing puzzles can help distract your dog.

- Engage in gentle play if your dog is receptive.

C. Use supplements like:

- Herbal supplements or pheromone diffusers that can help relax your dog.

- CBD Tincture like HONEST PAWS Calm line is great to use before and during the storm to keep your nervous pup at ease. *Enjoy 20% off using code ROCCO20 at checkout at

- Ask your vet before using any remedies, they can even recommend trazodone if nothing else helps.

D. Try to be consistent with his daily routine:

- Stick to your dog's regular feeding and bathroom schedule as much as possible.

- Routine can provide a sense of stability amid the chaos.

We encourage everyone reading to start planning and practicing calming techniques well in advance of any potential storms. Especially now that we are in peak season, and we already have various potential developments of storms in the area.

Let’s keep our puppers and family safe!

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