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How I became a Motherpupper...

I had always been a "cat mom" and the idea of having a dog had never crossed my mind. Having lived in different countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Puerto Rico) I had been collecting stray cats and giving them a better life. It was after the loss of a very special kitten that I decided to dedicate myself to animal photography thinking of always having a memory of the pets.

In my development as a photographer I found myself borrowing puppies to practice and that's when I started to fall in love with dogs. Then I said to myself: "and why borrow puppies if I can have one of my own?" It was at that moment about 4 years ago where the desire for a puppy was born but I had no idea. I always thought about adopting as I did with my cats but one day someone asked me which dog I wanted and I took a picture from the internet and I said this one! It was a border collie. I didn't know much about breed dogs or styles I had only seen that picture and fell in love. When they tell me he is a herding dog and all the exercise he requires I decided to learn a little more to see if we were compatible. I took a "test" that recommends dogs according to the time you have to dedicate to them and your lifestyle. To my surprise among the recommendations was the border collie, so I thought, "that's it!"

They told me that I would have to bring a dog like that from the USA and that was not really the idea, so I said: "if it is for me to have a dog like that, it will come to me. If not, I will get the one I need". And so it was, without looking for it, through friends we were put in contact with the guardians of Messi's doggy mom. I always wanted a male dog, so when Messi was born he was the only male of the litter and the guardian wanted to keep him... So, once again I said: "if he is for me, he will come" And so it was, between one thing and another this person decided to give us Messi!

At that moment I became a Motherpupper, Messi is an independent boy and loves to work. With him I have learned a lot about the nobility of dogs. He is the ideal dog to work in the studio as well as in the park and agility spaces. He gets along with his cat brothers and they respect each other.

One year ago, Lobo joined the family and although he is Messi's son, he is very different. He also has a very special story, but I will tell you about that in another blog.

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